Ted Challenge, Week 6 – Sequence

I decided to use my Comic skills for week 6 challenge. This challenge was sequence, which is a major part of comic storytelling. I used a nine panel page layout, and used a non-linear approach. There was a theme, but the pictures were fragments making up a whole.

I really enjoyed this challenge, and it has made me think again about going all out and making photo comics.


Click below for larger images …




Ted Forbes – Variations

This weeks challenge from Ted is Variations, to take 10 different pictures of something. I started by taking different types of lighting of a still life and self portrait. I then decided to capture a bit of Autumn in N8 by taking ten pictures to give a feeling of this lovely time of year.

I’m not sure wether I fulfilled the brief, but I got a lot out of it, so yay !


Ladies set – Gig photos



My friend Sally – Anne ( Artwork above) asked me if I would like to take some photos of Ladies set. I like taking pictures at live music events. It’s really challenge for a whole raft of reasons, the light being the major one. It was a good afternoon, and I got to meet lots of interesting people and listen to lots of music.

I treated the event like street photography, and tried to take different types of pics to give an overall impression of the event. I also took far too many.

Anyway, I’ve narrowed them down to this set.

Ted Forbes project – Using a cheap camera.

This weeks challenge was to use a cheap camera. The only one to hand was a Fuji install 200. This was thrown out with the recycling, and I retrieved it and brought some film.

It works, as the following pictures demonstrate. The real difficulty with this is gauging the focal length, so as you can see some of the images are blurred.

Also pictured is my journal,which is slowly filling with images.